Three Section Baskets

This basket, sprayed with a glossy black coat, is sectioned into three parts. At first glance it reminds you of a utensil holder or a non-traditional picnic basket. It's a wonderful vessel with many use options.

This basket is decorated along the sides with popcorn knots.

It's a weaving technique you may not find in baskets at most retail and wholesale stores, but you'll still find beautifully-styled three-section baskets to make your home decorating or gift giving a success.

My reason for buying this black basket was to experiment with creating a black-and-white themed gift.

One of the items I added was black-and-white checked napkins draped over the basket's rim. The white accents brightened the dark basket.

I'm going to take this basket, which is the last one I have, and add candles in it. Tapers and large pedestal candles will fit into the larger section. Shred will be placed into the two smaller sections to elevate floating candles on one side and votives on the other. How do you plan to fill this type of basket?

A photo of a finished three-section basket design will soon appear on the gift basket page.

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